Friday, August 31, 2007

Richardson pledges domestic partnerships for '08 session

By David Alire Garcia

At an Aug. 30 Santa Fe fundraiser for New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson’s presidential campaign, organized and attended mostly by the state’s gay elite, Richardson poked some fun at himself.
Recalling the political hornets nest he stirred up at a gay-themed Democratic candidate debate earlier this month, at which he called homosexuality a personal preference (“It’s a choice,” he infamously said), Richardson owned up to the gaffe in the first few lines of his remarks.
“I want to start out by saying I’m sorry,” he told the gathering at a ritzy Las Campanas home. “Is there any press here,” he then asked with a big grin on his face. “Can I go off the record with one word?” Hearing no objection, the governor added: “I fucked up.”
The forgiving and slightly inebriated crowd instantly erupted in laughter.
Later on, Richardson promised to put domestic partnership legislation on his official call for the coming January 30-day legislative session in addition to major health care reform.
“The governor is the only person that can add to the agenda,” he said. “If I don’t do anything, it will only be the budget. But I want to tell you here that we have some unfinished business and it’s called domestic partnerships.”
He noted that advocates will need to gain one vote in the state Senate—“or two just for insurance.”
Richardson added, “If we can pass this law, this is going to be historic. Remember we are in a red state,” he said. “I know I’m in a sea of progressives, but I want you to know you are vastly outnumbered,” Richardson said to more laughter. “And if you don’t believe me go to Clovis or go to Alamogordo.”
Members of the fundraiser host committee estimated that as much as $100,000 was raised during the evening.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

kind words for bill

I'm pretty sure the Republican mentioned in this very flattering column about Richardson is David Pfeffer...who else could it be?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bill who?

Poor Bill. An entire article devoted to questioning whether knowledge of foreign policy is necessary for a presidential candidate and not even one mention of Richardson. Although Santa Fe gets a little shout out (sort of).

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bill's Gay Gaffe

Choice Words
By Nate Dinsdale

Published: August 15, 2007

Do you think homosexuality is a choice, or is it biological?-Melissa Etheridge to Gov. Bill Richardson at the Aug. 9 "Visible Vote '08" presidential forum focused on LGBT issues.

"It's a choice. -Bill Richardson, responding to Etheridge.

"Presidential candidate Bill Richardson, plung[ed] last night's Democratic gay and lesbian forum deep into Ricky Gervais-style awkwardness. For someone who brags about his experience, Richardson keeps acting like he's not ready for prime time.-Michael Crowley on The New Republic's "The Plank" blog, Aug. 10.
"Throughout his 15 minutes on camera, Richardson tried again and again to return the conversation to his very strong record of actual achievements in gay rights, but the "˜choice' and "˜maricon' gaffes only underline how easily he and voters have been distracted from his impressive resume"”on this and so many other issues. It's the central conundrum of his candidacy.- Chris Crain on his "Citizen Crain" blog, Aug. 10.
"I just simply made a mistake. I misunderstood the question"¦I thought it was a tricky science question, where you put politics into science. I think the word Melissa used was "˜biological'. Since I use "˜choice' so much, I'm so committed to choice"”a woman's right to choose"”I thought that was the appropriate answer"¦Also, I had flown all night from New Hampshire. I was a little tired, but there's no excuse. I made a mistake. I think my record stands for itself.- Bill Richardson, in an interview with, Aug. 10.
"I regret Gov. Richardson's mis-statement"”as I sometimes regret one or two of my own"”but his error in the pressure of a debate should not detract from his very strong record in defense of equality for all Americans, including those of us who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender."- Openly gay US Rep. Barney Frank, D-MA, in an Aug. 13 statement.
"[Richardson's] rationale and his initial answer are inexcusable. To gays and lesbians, flubbing the choice vs. nature question is like botching the answer to "˜What's one plus one?' Note to Richardson's current and former gay staffers and supporters: Do an intervention"”and get him an Ambien"”before he implodes again.- Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post column, Aug. 13.

Here's some funny Comedy Central video on that forum.