Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Spin Cycle

BR4P headquarters kept relatively tight-lipped after the governor's Meet the Press hiccup on May 27. Conversely, the campaign is frantically performing PR triage after Sunday's debate in New Hampshire.

Right now, the lead photo link on the campaign home page even goes so far as to boast the headline, "A Clear Winner in New Hampshire." That's what you call taking editorial liberties. The link connects to a BR4P press release touting his "strong showing" while, elsewhere on the Web site, the campaign includes at least one YouTube link featuring a Richardson convert "loosed" by Barack Obama and a few blog posts praising his performance as evidence for Richardson's "victory".

It's as if the Chicago Bears issued a press release following the Super Bowl announcing that they, not the Colts, actually won the game. I'm a Bears fan so I'd be cool with a little revisionist history on that end, but it still wouldn't make it true. Nevertheless, that's how this game is played. Participants in tonight's GOP debate take note.

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