Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What about Women's Rights?

Monday the AP quoted Richardson as saying, "I believe my platform is the strongest pro-women’s platform and it shouldn’t be based just on the fact there’s a woman in the race," and that voters hearing his agenda would be swayed.

Unfortunately voters didn't get to hear Richardson's ideas about abortion rights at two public events put on by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Clinton, Obama and Elizabeth Edwards showed up, and though all seemed more interested in arousing pro-choice support without giving solid action plans, it's too bad Bill didn't take the opportunity to prove himself and get specific. It seems especially important for a candidate from a rural state to step up and talk about how to guarantee birth control and sex education in the more isolated, more conservative parts of the state/country. Especially when reports of pharmacists, based on their own beliefs, refusing birth control or Plan B to women with no access to another drug store become more and more common.

Candidates, on both sides of the issue, talk a good game about how important their view point is, but rarely does one take the opportunity to really put themselves on the line to stand up with solutions. Clinton even seems to demean the issue by calling women's rights "human rights." Technically, sure. But until the human race steps up to care for the ones who take the brunt of burdens of unplanned pregnancy calling womens rights, human rights is the same as lumping people under animal and asking PETA why they aren't feeding hungry orphans in Sudan.

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