Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cabin Pressure

Big Bill is racking up the frequent flyer miles this week.

Monday saw the governor chatting up Google employees in Cali. Although his appearance hasn't had much effect on his Google hits, currently in the 1.3 million range (yes, we're keeping score at home). Tuesday was Portland, OR. Yesterday, Richardson landed in the nation's capital and, if the campaign schedule is accurate, the governor is tending to an "Energy Roll Out" at the DC Hilton as we Presumably the event is an opportunity for the Guv to postulate on his various energy proposals and not a chance for him to unveil his new Ludacris remix. But if that was the case, we'd imagine it'd go a little something like this:

We got renewable energy (Roll out!)/Me and my homies (Roll out!)/We rollin on (hybrid) twenties, with the top back (Roll out!)/So much money (for biofuels and solar energy), you can't stop that!

Ahem. Tonight the Guv storms into Shreveport, Louisiana. Tomorrow is Omaha. And the week wraps up on Saturday with a tour of Iowa's Greatest Hits Volume: 3 (Red Oak, Shenandoah, Glenwood, Carter Lake) culminating with a Pottawattamie (say that 10 times fast) County Democrats House Party. No word on whether Kid or Play have RSVPd.

The Richardson campaign (like almost every other campaign) has yet to weigh in on the passing of Jerry Falwell. But while some stand mute, others have shouted from on high with their

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