Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Old Switcharoo

Turns out all my whining about the Los Angeles Press Club hosting Big Bill's official coming out party was for naught. Or maybe the SFR blog is just so powerful that it causes entire presidential campaigns to buckle to their knees. Either way, according to BR4P headquarters, the announcement will be at the same bat time (Monday, 11 am NM time) but on a different bat channel.

Richardson has moved the press conference to the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. I make no presumptions about the state of the LAPC, but the Biltmore sounds a tad more swank. According to the hotel's Web site, it "has been home to presidents, kings and Hollywood celebrities since it opened in 1923." Natch, apparently, governors from New Mexico.

We'll nevertheless still be monitoring the San Andreas Fault to see if the governor's announcement shifts any tectonic plates, causing a fissure in the Democratic primary through which Richardson's liquid hot charisma (if not magma) will seep.

Yeah, I watched Volcano on AMC the other night.

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