Thursday, May 31, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Saturday Night Live has been, by and large, painful to watch the last couple of years. As such, I rarely do. But a recent (May 19) animated skit just caught my eye. The premise of the "TV Funhouse" segment (the series that brought you The Ambiguously Gay Duo) is presidential candidates airing their dirty laundry on Oprah. And there are plenty of soiled sheets, so to speak, to choose from.

It's offensive. It's outrageous. It's sacridelicious.

The Guv is featured for only about 17 seconds in the nearly five-minute sketch but he isn't skewered nearly as bad as most (aside from the fact that the Richardson impersonator sounds like the unholy offspring of Jack Nicholson and George Bush I). Former NYC mayor Rudy Guiliani probably gets the worst of the Zed treatment. But you'll just have to see for yourself. Without further ado,

Live, from New Mexico, it's ...uh... Thursday afternoon!: Enjoy.

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