Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Delicious Irony

Yesterday's "official" announcement in Los Angels has got me thinking about the main argument Big Bill uses at every turn to make his case to voters: I'm the most qualified.

Here's how he put in in LA: "I am running for President because these times call for a leader with a proven track record, and a demonstrated ability to bring people together to tackle our problems at home and abroad. I am that person, not because I say so, but because of what I have done..." Call it the "resume" pitch, a strand of which is practically woven in every speech Richardson gives, not to mention those two funny TV ads he's released to date.

But the other (obvious) part of Richardson's announcement in LA was to emphasize his Latino heritage. Combine the two—impressive resume and Latino heritage—and you turn one tired insinuation on its head. To his credit, Richardson isn't shy about pointing out that he's arguably the most qualified presidential candidate, period.

Seems to me that's a delicious irony in a country where ambitious minorities are often disparaged as unqualified.

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