Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh, Canada

It appears that Bill Richardson's "Job Interview" ads are already getting some attention from our friendly neighbors to the north (Canada, not Colorado).

This blog posting from Chris Boutet (sounds French-Canadian or "Freedom-Canadian" if you happen to be former Ohio Rep. Bob Ney "The Freedom Guy" circa 2003) of The National Post, a Toronto-based paper presumably printed on recycled maple leaves, weighs in on the governor's telegenic candidacy.

Boutet dubs Richardson the Democrats' "loveable loser" but calls the governor's new ads "pretty damn funny" and wonders "Why can't Canadian political ads be this good?" Boutet also points out that this isn't the first time Big Bill has used "humour" (as opposed to, say, "colour," "honour" or "jewellery") to gain political traction and includes a link to the "Western" ads Richardson ran during his last gubernatorial campaign.

This could be good news for the Richardson camp. After all, if the whole Oval Office thing doesn't work out you just might see some "Richardson for Prime Minister '11" bumper stickers sprouting up in the future. Take that to the banque.

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